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From the picturesque views, incredible food, beautiful weather and stunning architecture, there are so many reasons why you should travel to Tuscany. But the region isn’t known for just its rolling green hills, mouth-watering dishes and luxurious villas in the sun. When you visit us, you can also choose from an entire range of activities to do alongside your relaxation.



tuscany cooking class

Authentic Tuscan Cooking Classes

Immerse your senses and take part in a delicious Italian cooking class by a local chef using fresh, local ingredients. They can teach you how to make pasta from scratch the Tuscan way, as well as a range of other delights to choose from. The best part is… you get to eat everything you made! Take home your new skills and show off at your next dinner party.




Local Vineyard Tours & Wine Tasting

One of the most famous exports from Tuscany is the wine, particular those made using the native Sangiovese grape variety. See how the grapes are grown, cultivated and picked by hand in the regions’ most famous vineyards. On the tour you will see what most only get to view on a postcard, it is truly a beautiful sight. In addition to the views, most vineyards also offer wine tasting and dinner. Taste for yourself the results of generations of hard-working Tuscans, all leading to that perfect glass of wine with your meal.




Olive Oil Tasting

It’s not just wine that the region is famous for. Tuscany has been the source of some of the world’s best olives and olive oil, with the olive tree a famous contributor to the region’s picturesque landscape, alongside the local vineyards. Sample both the olives and olive oil the way true Tuscans do, with home-baked bread, bruschetta and other delicious aperitifs. Learn about their colours, tastes and smells, and witness for yourself the importance of the fruits of the olive tree to the area. It’s a really wonderful day out, and the perfect way to broaden your palette to delicious delights native to the region.



Cheese Tasting

It just wouldn’t be Italian food without cheese. Tour a cheese farm and see how fresh, home-made organic cheese is produced by Tuscan locals in the area. Witness the quality, quantity and variety of cheeses made in Tuscany on a daily basis. You usually end the tour with glass of wine and a cheese-tasting, sampling some of the regions’ most exquisite cheeses, with home-made bread and olive oil. The majority of the world will only be able to try these once they have been delivered all over the globe, but you can taste for yourself samples of produce where they were made on the farm itself. Most cheese-farms also have a wonderful restaurant on the farm, so we definitely recommend staying for lunch if you can!


truffle hunting

Truffle Hunting

Another delicacy you must try when you travel to Tuscany is truffle, one of the most traditional foods found in the region. A popular component for many Italian dishes, Tuscan truffle is known for its flavour, scent and the powerful way it can transform a meal. At Cignella, you can truffle hunt on our own driveway! Attend a truffle-hunting session in the afternoon where you look for truffles the traditional Tuscan way, and then take them home to cook into your meal for the evening!


All of the activities listed above can be booked and organised for you by Cignella. We serve as a wonderfully central base, the perfect location to see everything the region has to offer when you travel to Tuscany, and then relax in luxury.

In addition to these, browse our Cignella Experiences offered onsite. Contact us to book for your next stay, or send us a WhatsApp for more information.





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