Why do people go on holiday?

A holiday is something that people crave, long for & dream about on a day to day basis. But why?

According to The Travel Expert, there are 5 top reasons as to why we are so consumed by the idea of our next vacation!

  1. Time to de-stress
  2. Quality time with our loved ones
  3. Need something to look forward to
  4. Health benefits
  5. Experiences

And so when choosing a destination, you need to find somewhere that truly satisfies those above factors. But that can be quite a difficult task! New York City may offer quality time and amazing experiences, but will it offer time to de-stress?

Tuscany has the opportunities, experiences, landscapes, cuisines and lifestyle that will truly accommodate to all of your goals in a holiday.

Allowing yourself and your family time to de-stress is a must; having moments to breathe in fresh air and be at one with your thoughts, are some of the most refreshing and important parts of a holiday. Tuscany offers some of the most beautiful scenery and views, in all of Italy. At Cignella, our resort is located in the Val D’Orcia, overlooking the rolling hills and you can even see Lake Trasimeno and Cortona! Nothing is better than waking up in a morning, opening your curtains or terrace doors and having a miraculous view to enjoy.

Experience all that Tuscany has to offer while making memories with your loved ones; take long walks through the countryside, enjoy delicious cuisine with endless wine and spend long evenings on the terrace at Cignella. Tuscany encapsulates you in hill top towns, gorgeous vineyards and stunning landscapes… it’ll be a family holiday filled with memories that you can all cherish for years to come.

Tuscany is definitely what you make it – do you want to simply lay around, read books, eat great food & have early nights? There will be no better place than Tuscany! But the region can also offer you experiences, activities and great tours – wine and vineyards, olive oil, cheese farms, truffle hunting, cooking classes are just SOME of the fantastic opportunities that arise while you vacation in Tuscany.

Does this sound like what you’re looking for? Then get in touch… we’d love to host your next vacation!


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