As summer is well and truly over and the crisp Autumn season is now in full swing, your next holiday must be on your mind. But where to go?

October is a wonderful month to visit Tuscany; the harvest offers wonderful markets and experiences, the temperatures start to cool but still allow for alfresco dining on the terrace and last but not least… Cignella has a fantastic offer on stays during this month!

If you join us at Cignella throughout the month of October, you could get up to 2 nights free and lots of lovely goodies! Check out our offers now.

Need some more persuasion to book your next Tuscan trip? Here’s a few reasons why it’s definitely a must-do! (And if you’re a foody… this is 100% for you!)

  1. Amazing food (even more so than usual!): With the harvest in full flow, fresh produce will be readily available at every fingertip! And all of the restaurants will definitely be taking advantage of all of the local produce, making their Tuscan dishes even more delightful!
  2. Great markets: Fruits, vegetables, cheeses, meats – everything you could ask for! The local, hill-top towns of Tuscany, like Pienza and Montepulciano will have fantastic daily markets, that not only sell the delicious produce, but also beautiful goods such as leather, paintings and antiques! They also host brilliant harvest festivals that allow your tastebuds to be tempted, as well as get involved in traditional celebrations.
  3. Truly experience the harvest: October is a fantastic month in Tuscany to experience the harvest; enjoy hunting the white truffle, visit a vineyard during the picking season and taste pecorino like you’ve never tasted before! Our dear friend Paolo can take you just a few miles from Cignella to explore the woodland and discover many wonderful truffles with his four-legged assistants – you can then spend the evening cooking up a Tuscan dinner with your discovered goods!
  4. Stunning weather: Gorgeous morning sunshine, clear afternoon skies and cooler afternoons and evenings – perfect for nights on the terrace, with a blanket and Italian coffee. October offers the perfect weather to gaze over and appreciate the stunning rolling hill views, that Tuscany has to offer!

Come join us soon – we’re waiting for you! 


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