We’re sure you’re all aware of this reason but we thought we’d tell you anyway! A top reason to go to Tuscany is the food! While Italian cuisine in general is known all over the world, Tuscan recipes, specialities and deserts are one of a kind.


Originating in the province of Siena, pici is a delicious thick, hand-rolled pasta that resembles a fat spaghetti! Served with meat sauces or a spicy arrabiata, this dish is a local delicacy that defines home cooked, comfort food.

Crostini Toscani

Tuscany’s most popular aperitif, crostini, will be found at any restaurant throughout the region, and for good reason! The perfect start to any meal, crostini Toscani is served on a cutting board of meats, cheeses and canapes. Also known as “Tuscan croutons,” the locals say that it is impossible to have just one!


Extremely simple, extremely delicious; Tuscan people adore their bread and adore it with olive oil. Begin your meal with a toasted slice of Tuscan bread with garlic, olive oil and a sprinkling of salt. This can be found all over Tuscany, but is a delicacy particularly in Florence.

Bistecca alla Fiorentina

Tuscan chefs are all about cooking humble dishes, with wholesome, local ingredients and Bistecca alla Fiorentina is just that; with only five ingredients, the steak, traditionally originating from Chianina cattle, is grilled over hot coals and typically served rare, but they won’t judge you (too much) if you opt for medium. A true delicacy of the region.


The Tuscan alternative to panettone, panforte is a delicious local delicacy made from dried fruits, nuts, bold spices and lots of sugar – it is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth! Traditionally, Tuscans use ingredients such as black pepper or cinnamon to season their desert, but more recently, cocoa and melted chocolate have become quite common.

These are just a select few of the dishes that Tuscany are renowned for but we hope that these tempt your taste buds! When writing your next #TuscanItinerary, make sure you include these in your must-haves!

See you soon.


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