There are endless reasons as to why you should go to Tuscany for your next holiday! So many so that we can’t fit them all into one blog post and so this will be the first article of our series Why go to Tuscany?

Reason number 1… the beautiful cities!

Florence (1hour 30 minutes from Cignella)

Architecture, art and history are just a couple of reasons as to why this city is world renowned; experience Michelangelo, Botticelli and Da Vinci’s finest works, return to the Renaissance and shop ‘til you drop with luxury fashion brands at every corner, and boutique leather shops for all.

View over Florence skyline

Siena (45 minutes from Cignella)

While known for its peculiar urban skyline visible from miles away, Siena is one of the most beautiful towns in Italy due to its Etruscan architecture dating back to the Middle-Ages, its breath-taking Piazza del Compo at the heart of the city which hosts its yearly Palio and its delicious Sienese cuisine. Visit on a Wednesday morning and experience the biggest market in Tuscany!

Siena Square

Cortona (45 minutes from Cignella)

The famous city known for its debut in the early 2000 film “Under the Tuscan Sun” Cortona offers a wonderful alternative to the busy tourist destinations in Tuscany. There’s a reason Cortona is known as the pearl of Tuscany, it’s a real gem…

Ancient city of Cortona in Tuscany Italy

Montepulciano (20 minutes from Cignella)

Wine! Vineyards at every turn, boutique wine bars with panoramic terraces and the origin of the one and only Nobile di Montepulciano, one of the greatest Italian wines known to man.


Pienza (15 minutes from Cignella)

 Pienza, an UNESCO world heritage site located in the stunning Val D’Orcia, offers incredible views over the rolling hills, delicious pecorino cheese (with festivals every September celebrating the tasty stuff) and unique architecture at every turn – the Cattedrale dell’Assunta hosts paintings by famous Etruscan artists, an octagon bell towers and beautiful stained glass windows.

Cathedral in Pienza, Tuscany Italy

When you stay at Cignella, you can experience all of these remarkable cities with just a short drive from your villa. Surely that’s temptation enough?

See you soon for part 2 of Why go to Tuscany


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