While packing for a holiday might be a walk in the park for some, sometimes essentials can be easily overlooked! To make it easier for you, we’ve broken the necessities you need for your next visit to Tuscany.

1. Camera

This should be the first thing you pack! Take pictures in Tuscany like you never have before…snap away while taking in the breath-taking views, enjoying a Tuscan dinner or walking through the quaint cobbled alleyways. Take as many photos as you can… as they say, you can always delete the blurry ones when you get home!

2. Cardigan

While Tuscany’s rolling hills are beautiful, they can incur a chilly evening breeze! Pack a little cardigan so you can still enjoy sunset alfresco dining on the terrace.

3. Jeans

Your favourite pair of jeans is an absolute essential wherever you go! With jam packed days full of exploration on your itinerary for Tuscany, a comfy outfit is key!

4. Comfy shoes

With Tuscany being packed full of gorgeous hill top towns, and sightseeing musts, you will be out from morning until night. You will just want to go, go, go and with cobbled streets at every turn you will need something comfy so that your feet can keep up with you!

5. Backpack

During your holiday, there’s nothing better than being hands free- to shop, to take photos, to eat, to explore. Bring a backpack along that you can fill with your daily essentials – sun cream, water, map, camera – you name it!

6. Sunglasses

Summer or winter, spring or autumn, Tuscany is always filled with beautiful sunshine (although agreeably some seasons, more so than others!) and so don’t forgot your favourite pair. (Don’t worry too much if you do forget or find yourself in need… Tuscany is renowned for its beautiful markets where you can always find affordable designer lookalikes!)

7. Travel Guide book

Tuscany is full of hidden gems and buying a guide book from the experts is always a great idea! They include maps, must-sees, prices and great information! But should you want a more personalised itinerary, ask our resort manager Luca to assist!

8. Italian phrase book

While out and about, you may come across some locals who don’t speak a common language with you and so carrying a little phrase book will help immensely!

9. Battery packs

With long days of exploration and phones being constantly used to take pictures of every moment, an external charger could save the day! Pop it in your backpack and keep the family fully charged.

10. First aid kit

You don’t want anything to stand in your way of visiting every Tuscan gem you can during your holiday! Pack a first aid kit in your suitcase and take a few essentials in your backpack for your days out, so you’re completely prepared!

At Cignella, we always want our guests to have the perfect holiday. Pack these necessities, and with our help, you’ll never forget your time in Tuscany.

See you soon!

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