Tuscany Rock Caves

If you want to escape the sun and explore a lesser known wonder, then it may be time to venture underground. Siena is known for its beautifully historic centre but as you wander around the magnificent Duomo and famous Piazza del Campo, there is a mass of intricate waterways trickling under your feet!

Just over a 1 hour drive from Cignella, the wonderful town of Siena is home to the “Bottini” – a maze of tunnels stretching over 25kms whose function is to take water to wells all over the city. Located away from a water flow meant that long ago, the Sienese people had to carve long waterways by hand, through the sandstone. These galleries still take water from the surrounding hills to fill the fountains you see in every square in town. This engineering wonder, created many hundreds of years ago, has evolved over time and still provides water free from impurities.

The construction work was tough and life was poor which has given birth to some memorable legends of monsters inhabiting the underground and causing illness and trouble for the workers.

Only groups of 8-10 people can explore this hidden wonder at any time, so you need to book in advance (ticket@comune.siena.it). The tour is subject to weather conditions and water flow, and you must wear suitable footwear, a cardigan and take a bottle of water.

Other spectacular caves around 3 hours from Cignella are at Antro del Corchia (in the Regional Park of Apuane Alps) which is made up of 60kms of tunnels and shafts, and the Grotta del Vento near Lucca with its shining stalactites and stalagmites.

There are many other surprising wonders close to Cignella and our team are always happy to help with your queries, before you arrive and once you are here. Whether you have a question about booking a balloon ride, hiring a motorbike, the best place for a romantic picnic, watch a spectacular sunset or simply where to buy the best olive oil, we will always get the answer for you.

We want you to have the best time with us in Tuscany and look forward to welcoming you soon!


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