What do you think of when you hear ‘Tuscany’? Like most, you probably instantly think of Chianti – the fantastic, the indescribable, like no other, red wine famously born in the rolling hills. Or the delectable pasta dishes born and perfected only in the Italian land.

But Tuscany has so much more to offer than wine and gastronomy, (although we won’t argue that they are great) – many activities and delights that people are so blissfully unaware of.

One of Tuscany’s best-kept secrets, located roughly 2 hours from Cignella – Cala Violina. Also known as Violin Cove, gaining its name from the story of a local legend who states that walking on the sand produces the sound of a violin, is a sight that some rate as the best in Tuscany, and which holds first place in the official listings of the very best beaches in Italy.

What else, you ask?

If you like to visit touristy destinations but hate the crowds, The Bargello is for you! It is one of the oldest (and most beautiful) buildings in Florence and lacks the huge crows that The Uffizi receives- win win!

Or for the more adventurous, Siena offers a wonderful maze of tunnels and caves that stretch over 25km! There’s even a company that offers quad biking through the rolling hills.

You see, Tuscany isn’t just wine & pasta… it really is so much more!

Why not come and see for yourself?

We, at Cignella, would be honoured to welcome you. Why not join us this summer?



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