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It’s difficult to talk about Tuscany without mentioning its beauty, although the region is most famous for its landscapes during summertime. When picturing Tuscany, most of the world automatically thinks of its famous green hills, stretching on for miles under the Italian sun.

Due to the popularity of visiting Tuscany during summer, few experience Tuscany when it truly comes into its own: during Autumn. As valleys lined with vines and fields full of crops ripen for harvest, the rolling green hills of the summer have transformed into the oranges, reds and rich browns as Autumn takes the changing landscapes.


autumn skyline


Tuscany enjoys warm, mild weather and sun long into September and October, making it the perfect time to appreciate the countryside without the intense dry heat of summer. Tuscany is home to many national parks; from the Tuscan Archipelago to the Apuan Alps, there are endless opportunities to explore the unique landscape and wildlife of the area.

Some of the best ways to truly take in the changing landscapes of Tuscany is on horseback. Enjoy a relaxed amble and a guided tour through forests, hilltops and olive groves. The traditional Tuscan riding style is similar to a western saddle – perfect for beginners. This method of transport allows you to fully immerse yourself in nature, experiencing the centuries-old Tuscan tradition of horsemanship. It also ensures a comfortable seat that saves your legs from walking as you ride over miles of rolling countryside.


autumn landscape


For those who prefer a higher energy experience, the iconic Tuscan roads lined with cypress trees provided excellent tracks for cycling and offer a new perspective of Tuscany as Autumn begins. If you’re in search of a challenge, you can cycle to the ancient town of Pienza – the route takes you through beautiful countryside steeped in history. Enjoy some gelato as your wander around the town, before heading back to Cignella for a relaxed meal or dip in the pool.

You don’t have to wander far from Cignella before you find yourself nestled in to the Val d’Orcia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and inspiration for many great Renaissance painters. The rich warm colours of the changing landscapes, with farmhouses scattered across hilltops, capture the true soul of Tuscany. As the sunsets creep in earlier and earlier, sit back with a glass of wine on the terrace at Cignella and watch the splendid colours dance over this iconic region.



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