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With Spring on the horizon and the bank holiday happiness encapsulating us, the idea of what to do for your next holiday must be on your mind! Naturally, a holiday out of the country would be ideal, but sometimes they can just be far too expensive with far too much to consider… car hire, accommodation, flights and so much more! That’s why we thought it’d be useful to really know how much a holiday to Cignella, Tuscany, could cost you!*

Accommodation: 1 week in one of our beautiful 2 bedroom apartments, €800.

(PS. If you book before 31st March 2018, you’ll receive 1 night free so could cost even less!!)

Flights: Return flights to Perugia equal £143.52 for the group! (Roughly €161)

Car hire, if booked with your flight: For a Nissan Qashqai or similar, £152. (Roughly €171)

Spending money: Obviously it’s up to you how much you splash the cash while on holiday, but Tuscany is very affordable! Meals for 4, on average, cost less than €30, with local markets and farms providing wonderful and inexpensive days out! If we based your spending on €100 per day for the family, this would provide ample to have a great dinner and partake in a couple of activities throughout the day. Also, with Cignella offering you a home away from home, cooking homemade dinners & making tasty pack lunches can also keep the costs down!

In total:

A week-long holiday in Tuscany for you & your family of four could cost just over €1800!

*All of these prices are subject to change. Based on 2 adults & 2 children from 16th of April – 23rd April 2018. All prices obtained via Expedia.

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