There is a lot to be said for taking a holiday with all the family. Whether it’s with parents, grandparents, nieces, uncles or cousins, there are so many benefits you might never travel any other way again! Our apartments and villas are perfect as they are spacious, comfortable and offer all the facilities a family needs.

As we love a list at Cignella, here are 5 great reasons to holiday with your family this year!

  1. It is the perfect way to create strong bonds. Life is hectic and we often have little time to do fun things together so a holiday is perfect for spending quality time together, and creating stable and close family relationships.
  2. Create shared memories for life. Try new food, visit new places, meet new people or just laugh around the pool to make memories only you can share when you get home, and in the future.
  3. See things through other peoples’ eyes. Children are inquisitive and when they see things for the first time they give us a greater appreciation of our surroundings. Older family members may know about art, wine or history and can bring a better understanding of where we are. Each generation see’s thing differently, and it will make your holiday more fulfilling.
  4. Always someone to share things with. Perhaps you want a day at the spa, to visit a local market, or try mountain biking? There will always be someone who fancies doing just the same as you!
  5. More ideas for everyone to share. Maybe it’s a new game to play, a restaurant to try or just a good book to read. With all your family around, you won’t be short of ideas on things to do or try!

Travelling with family can make your holiday so much better! If you are thinking of visiting Cignella this summer then don’t delay as our summer availability is running out!

Make it a holiday this year… it might be the start of many!

See you soon


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