Looking for the best gift for your loved ones?

Christmas gift


Searching for the perfect gift

We’re officially in December, and the time for gift-giving is getting closer and closer… but have your organised all of your gifts?

Trying to think of meaningful things to buy for your loved ones is becoming more and more difficult. There are so many choices, but still nothing seems to be quite right. You can spend hours looking, searching online and going from shop to shop. No matter where you look, you want to find the perfect gift to let people know that you appreciate them.


The gift of a getaway

This season is about spending time with those that you love, so choose a gift for you both to enjoy together. At Cignella, we believe that the best gift you can buy for a loved one is quality time away with you.

We may be biased, but our opinion is that the best location for a holiday escape is Tuscany. Offering a perfect balance of adventure and tranquillity, you have ample choices of luxurious villas or beautifully traditional Tuscan apartments all to yourself.


Why Cignella?

With this gift, you and your loved one can immerse yourselves in authentic, delicious Italian cuisine. Feel your stresses wash away as you pour yourselves some locally produced Tuscan wine and relax by the pool, enjoying the simple serenity of our gorgeous green hills. Outside of Cignella, you can go hunting for truffles, partake in a wine tasting at a vineyard or even enjoy a horse ride around our stunning region. In town you can visit picturesque markets, see some spectacular architecture, explore the cobbled streets and visit some of the loveliest cathedrals we’ve ever seen.

There really is something for everyone. It’s perfect for couples looking to getaway, for families looking to disconnect from their busy routines and for those who simply need a break from everyday life. Whether you’re looking to relax or explore, a Cignella getaway is the perfect gift for your loved ones this Christmas.

So stop scrolling online trying to find a gift that just won’t hit the mark. Choose a gift to top all gifts, choose Cignella.


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