How to be best gift giver, ever!

At this time of year, so many of us are concerned with making sure that we provide our loved ones with the best gift possible!

But honestly… what is the best gift? We, at Cignella, think the best gift that anyone can give, is quality time… be it with your family or friends, a little down time with one another is oh so important.

And Tuscany is a great place to do this; the beautiful region offers the perfect balance of adventure and relaxation, and at Cignella there is ample space to socialise with everyone whether you’re in one of our modern villas or traditionally Tuscan apartments.

Book a trip away and explore Tuscany with your loved ones; revel in delicious cuisine, enjoy fantastic, locally produced wine (by the bottle!) and discover hill top towns, quaint cobbled streets and fantastic architecture.

Start your days with a continental buffet breakfast, made up of cold cuts and cheeses, Tuscan pastries, a selection of fruit and piping hot espresso! Venture out into town to visit picturesque local markets, stunning cathedrals and make sure to have a pit stop at a café for a cornetto and cappuccino.

Pienza, Montepulciano, Cortona; striking hilltop towns, all within a short drive from Cignella, offer a great family day out for all… walk around Etruscan museums, partake in a session of wine tasting at a vineyard or even enjoy a horse ride through the rolling hills.

The gift of experience and the gift of time will always surpass any materialistic item that we can buy.

We hope that we can welcome you all to Cignella, very soon.

Merry Christmas!

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