Hiring a car in Tuscany

Your villa is booked, now all you need is a car! The first thing to know is that your UK licence is valid in Italy. The older, all-green UK paper licence and older Northern Ireland paper licence with photographic counterpart are also valid but to make the hire smoother we suggest you update to a photocard licence before travelling.

When it comes to car-hire, always book well in advance to get the cheapest deal.  There are a number of comparison websites which will speedily give you the best price, try: skyscannerTravel SupermarketCarrentals and Kayak. Make sure you check all the inclusions, exclusions and fuel/driver surcharges so you aren’t caught out.

Always work out exactly what you need as you will be faced with a number of options: air con, sat nav, extra drivers, fuel policy etc. Don’t forget your smart phone could be turned into a sat nav so check this out too.  Also, look carefully for the cheapest excess insurance before you leave, try a comparison site for this too such as MoneyMaxim.

For those who getting to Cignella as part of a big car adventure across Europe, don’t assume that your current insurance will automatically cover you. Most comprehensive policies become third party outside the UK but within the EU. You may also need to advise your insurer before you go. Also check your breakdown cover and upgrade to a European one or buy special temporary cover.

If you have small children, it may be free to take car seats on the plane to avoid local hire costs which can start from £5 per day. Check your airlines policy before you go.

Speed limits are signposted but if not, the standard speeds are: built-up areas 50km/h, outside built-up areas 90km/h, dual carriageways 110km/h in dry weather and motorways 130km/h in dry weather. If you passed your test less than 3 years ago you must not exceed 90 km/h on dual carriageways and 100 km/h on motorways.

Lastly when it comes to filling up, credit cards are accepted at most filling stations but you should check with your card issuer before travel.

So there you go, a few handy tips to help you on your way! The country roads will be a breeze to drive around and stunning countryside will be your friend at every turn.

Enjoy your travels and we look forward to welcoming you soon.


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