As the Tour de France draws to a close, keen cyclists will be heading to Italy for a well-planned tour of Tuscany, while for those less used to travelling on 2 wheels, it may be a surprise that the area around Cignella, boasts some lovely easy routes which are well worth exploring!

Travelling by bike means that you enjoy the scenery at a slow pace, can stop whenever you like to rest and take photos, and it is great exercise too. And, as you pass through the countryside, you will catch sight of delights that you would certainly miss by car. If you are visiting in summer, plan to cycle early morning or late afternoon, while from March until June, and September to October any time of day is perfect!

Known for its hills, cycling in Tuscany can be daunting for those who like to stay on flat ground. Luckily there is the perfect solution – e-bikes! These wonderful machines allow you to enjoy the scenery without breaking into a sweat. On downhill slopes, the bicycle will store up power so that when you are on long, flat stretches, or faced with a hill, the electric motor kicks in and you reach the summit with a smile on your face! Easy to hire, click here for more details on these dream machines.

If you are travelling as a family, biking can still be enjoyed. An adult can carry a child up to 8 years old on a suitably designed bike. Cycling in a single file is law unless one of the riders is less than 10 years. Lucca is a great place for families to explore on 2 wheels, most locals travel this way and being flat ground, little ones have a great day too!

Hopefully, we have tempted you to make it a Tour de Tuscany this year! If you have any bike hire queries, just let us know and we can get the answers for you. After a day out on a bike, the best place to be is with your feet up in the luxury of a Cignella villa. Sit back, relax and enjoy a well-earned glass of wine on the terrace. As you watch another beautiful sunset your thoughts may turn to activities for the next day….perhaps it will simply be a day by the pool!

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