Why do people go on holiday?

A holiday is something that people crave, long for & dream about on a day to day basis. But why?

According to The Travel Expert, there are 5 top reasons as to why we are so consumed by the idea of our next vacation!

  1. Time to de-stress
  2. Quality time with our loved ones
  3. Need something to look forward to
  4. Health benefits
  5. Experiences

And so when choosing a destination, you need to find somewhere that truly satisfies those above factors. But that can be quite a difficult task! New York City may offer quality time and amazing experiences, but will it offer time to de-stress?

Tuscany has the opportunities, experiences, landscapes, cuisines and lifestyle that will truly accommodate to all of your goals in a holiday.

Allowing yourself and your family time to de-stress is a must; having moments to breathe in fresh air and be at one with your thoughts, are some of the most refreshing and important parts of a holiday. Tuscany offers some of the most beautiful scenery and views, in all of Italy. At Cignella, our resort is located in the Val D’Orcia, overlooking the rolling hills and you can even see Lake Trasimeno and Cortona! Nothing is better than waking up in a morning, opening your curtains or terrace doors and having a miraculous view to enjoy.

Experience all that Tuscany has to offer while making memories with your loved ones; take long walks through the countryside, enjoy delicious cuisine with endless wine and spend long evenings on the terrace at Cignella. Tuscany encapsulates you in hill top towns, gorgeous vineyards and stunning landscapes… it’ll be a family holiday filled with memories that you can all cherish for years to come.

Tuscany is definitely what you make it – do you want to simply lay around, read books, eat great food & have early nights? There will be no better place than Tuscany! But the region can also offer you experiences, activities and great tours – wine and vineyards, olive oil, cheese farms, truffle hunting, cooking classes are just SOME of the fantastic opportunities that arise while you vacation in Tuscany.

Does this sound like what you’re looking for? Then get in touch… we’d love to host your next vacation!


While it may only be February, the first few months of the year generally fly by,  and with Easter arriving any second, it is now the perfect time to get organised and start planning your next getaway. But… where to go?

The world really is your oyster, but there are so many factors to consider when booking a getaway; price, distance, flight length, time changes, cuisine, etc.

So where can you go to satisfy all your needs?

Tuscany is a fantastic destination for family holidays with activities that cater to all; farms, adventure and water parks, historic towns and architecture, churches, cooking classes, hunting, and hiking, along with many more. When you think of Tuscany, and think “but what is there to do?” our response would simply be “what would you like to do?” because it can all be done here.

Are you looking for relaxation? Explore vineyards, take a dip in thermal baths, read your favourite book under the sunshine and eat comfort food left, right and centre.

Need some excitement? Explore the region, from Livorno to Florence, learn the history of Tuscany at gothic churches, and participate in adventures at Indiana Park.

Or are you just simply looking for quality time with your loved ones? Well, Tuscany is perfect. Or more specifically, Cignella is perfect for you; large open spaces for socialising, beautiful private terraces for alfresco dining, gorgeous and comfortable interiors, all just a few steps from a large swimming pool with pergolas and hammocks.

Cignella, surrounded by everything you could possibly want to explore during your trip to Tuscany, offers the ideal destination to enjoy the region… hilltop towns, delicious local cuisine, Lake Trasimeno, multiple UNESCO world heritage sites, world renowned cities and much, much more.

That is why, we have decided to create the perfect Easter offer for you all…

Join us at Cignella for 3 days (or longer!) and enjoy a complimentary 3 course cooking class, alongside a complimentary welcome aperitif upon arrival.

Sound like the perfect plan? BOOK NOW!

Or should you need any help, or have any questions, send us an email! We’re always happy to help our guests make sure they get the holiday they’re looking for.


The January blues…

Bitterly cold weather with a definite lack of sunshine and a withered bank balance after the festive period makes it quite understandable as to why January is considered the most hated month of the year.

But rather than focusing on the now, why don’t we look forward?

At Cignella, we understand the feeling of melancholy during the month, but we like to count down the days until the beautiful Tuscan summer returns to us. Why don’t you do the same?

January is a fantastic month to plan your year, set your goals and start working toward a bigger picture.

Talking of planning… why not plan your next getaway? January is one of the best months to do so, with many companies participating in January sales and airlines such as Ryanair offering thousands of discounted tickets. And we have lots of lovely offers to get you excited for the approaching summer season.

Summer Early Bird:

Book your summer getaway by 28th February 2019 to receive 10% off your stay. Valid on 7 nights or more, during stays 6th July – 24th August 2019.

Holiday offer:

Book your trip to Cignella, Tuscany by 30th April 2019 to receive 15% off your stay. Valid on 4 nights or more, during stays 2nd March – 6th July 2019 and 24th August- 31st December 2019.

Rather than focusing on how terrible January is, why not look at the silver linings… like great holiday deals! If you book directly with us, not only do we offer great discounted rates, but we’ll also offer a complimentary welcome hamper which will be in your villa upon arrival.

Brighten up your January by booking your next break! #TraveltoTuscany


At this time of year, so many of us are concerned with making sure that we provide our loved ones with the best gift possible!

But honestly… what is the best gift? We, at Cignella, think the best gift that anyone can give, is quality time… be it with your family or friends, a little down time with one another is oh so important.

And Tuscany is a great place to do this; the beautiful region offers the perfect balance of adventure and relaxation, and at Cignella there is ample space to socialise with everyone whether you’re in one of our modern villas or traditionally Tuscan apartments.

Book a trip away and explore Tuscany with your loved ones; revel in delicious cuisine, enjoy fantastic, locally produced wine (by the bottle!) and discover hill top towns, quaint cobbled streets and fantastic architecture.

Start your days with a continental buffet breakfast, made up of cold cuts and cheeses, Tuscan pastries, a selection of fruit and piping hot espresso! Venture out into town to visit picturesque local markets, stunning cathedrals and make sure to have a pit stop at a café for a cornetto and cappuccino.

Pienza, Montepulciano, Cortona; striking hilltop towns, all within a short drive from Cignella, offer a great family day out for all… walk around Etruscan museums, partake in a session of wine tasting at a vineyard or even enjoy a horse ride through the rolling hills.

The gift of experience and the gift of time will always surpass any materialistic item that we can buy.

We hope that we can welcome you all to Cignella, very soon.

Merry Christmas!

Tuscany, famous for its beautiful landscapes, culture and gastronomy, can act as the perfect escape during the festive period as it offers the opportunity to unwind, shop and get in the Christmas spirit.

If you’re planning a December getaway, why not read our tips as to why Tuscany should be top of your list this holiday season!

  • Eat, drink and be merry: At Christmas, Italians boast Pandoro and Panettone as their festive treats, but in Tuscany, you can taste local delights such as Ricciarelli, a delicious marzipan delicacy, which originated in the fourteenth century and cannot be found anywhere else. They even say it’s perfect served with Tuscan Vin Santo – sweet treats and authentic vino. But not only are the deserts unlike any other, the festive gourmet is phenomenal. Visit Le Bindi, in Monte San Savino, and enjoy the atmosphere and cuisine like no other; with the restaurant being made up of only one table and a set menu for all, it’ll definitely be an unforgettable experience.

  • Shop ‘til you drop: Leather bags and purses are at the top of every girls Christmas list and Tuscany has a reputation for the finest! Visit The San Lorenzo Market in Florence, which originated in the 1300s, and explore luxury boutiques, vast bazaars and unique trinket sellers. Experience Tuscany’s Christmas markets in all of its glorious hill-top towns; in one of the most outstanding town squares in all of Italy, Siena, visit “Mercato del Campo” and purchase one-of-a-kind crafts, local delicacies and gorgeous gifts for everyone, all which listening to the chimes of “Astro Del Ciel”.
  • New Year Tuscan style: New Year in Tuscany is all about the food and wine. Whether you’re celebrating in a restaurant, in a town square or in a private villa, look forward to sparkling Chianti, stunning bottles of Brunello and delightful aperitifs made of pecorino and cold cuts. Traditionally the evening ends with a toast, sipping on a piping hot Bombardino – Tuscany’s version of eggnog made with brandy, egg liqueur, whipped cream & cinnamon. Buon appetito!

  • Relax and unwind: Balance the madness of Christmas with some much needed downtime, with a visit to one of the many thermal spas. Rapalano Terme, offers unmistakable landscapes and relaxing spas in the stunning province of Crete Senesi.

We’d love to host your Christmas stay in #Tuscany so visit our booking page to see our fantastic, festive offers!

See you soon!


As summer is well and truly over and the crisp Autumn season is now in full swing, your next holiday must be on your mind. But where to go?

October is a wonderful month to visit Tuscany; the harvest offers wonderful markets and experiences, the temperatures start to cool but still allow for alfresco dining on the terrace and last but not least… Cignella has a fantastic offer on stays during this month!

If you join us at Cignella throughout the month of October, you could get up to 2 nights free and lots of lovely goodies! Check out our offers now.

Need some more persuasion to book your next Tuscan trip? Here’s a few reasons why it’s definitely a must-do! (And if you’re a foody… this is 100% for you!)

  1. Amazing food (even more so than usual!): With the harvest in full flow, fresh produce will be readily available at every fingertip! And all of the restaurants will definitely be taking advantage of all of the local produce, making their Tuscan dishes even more delightful!
  2. Great markets: Fruits, vegetables, cheeses, meats – everything you could ask for! The local, hill-top towns of Tuscany, like Pienza and Montepulciano will have fantastic daily markets, that not only sell the delicious produce, but also beautiful goods such as leather, paintings and antiques! They also host brilliant harvest festivals that allow your tastebuds to be tempted, as well as get involved in traditional celebrations.
  3. Truly experience the harvest: October is a fantastic month in Tuscany to experience the harvest; enjoy hunting the white truffle, visit a vineyard during the picking season and taste pecorino like you’ve never tasted before! Our dear friend Paolo can take you just a few miles from Cignella to explore the woodland and discover many wonderful truffles with his four-legged assistants – you can then spend the evening cooking up a Tuscan dinner with your discovered goods!
  4. Stunning weather: Gorgeous morning sunshine, clear afternoon skies and cooler afternoons and evenings – perfect for nights on the terrace, with a blanket and Italian coffee. October offers the perfect weather to gaze over and appreciate the stunning rolling hill views, that Tuscany has to offer!

Come join us soon – we’re waiting for you! 


While packing for a holiday might be a walk in the park for some, sometimes essentials can be easily overlooked! To make it easier for you, we’ve broken the necessities you need for your next visit to Tuscany.

1. Camera

This should be the first thing you pack! Take pictures in Tuscany like you never have before…snap away while taking in the breath-taking views, enjoying a Tuscan dinner or walking through the quaint cobbled alleyways. Take as many photos as you can… as they say, you can always delete the blurry ones when you get home!

2. Cardigan

While Tuscany’s rolling hills are beautiful, they can incur a chilly evening breeze! Pack a little cardigan so you can still enjoy sunset alfresco dining on the terrace.

3. Jeans

Your favourite pair of jeans is an absolute essential wherever you go! With jam packed days full of exploration on your itinerary for Tuscany, a comfy outfit is key!

4. Comfy shoes

With Tuscany being packed full of gorgeous hill top towns, and sightseeing musts, you will be out from morning until night. You will just want to go, go, go and with cobbled streets at every turn you will need something comfy so that your feet can keep up with you!

5. Backpack

During your holiday, there’s nothing better than being hands free- to shop, to take photos, to eat, to explore. Bring a backpack along that you can fill with your daily essentials – sun cream, water, map, camera – you name it!

6. Sunglasses

Summer or winter, spring or autumn, Tuscany is always filled with beautiful sunshine (although agreeably some seasons, more so than others!) and so don’t forgot your favourite pair. (Don’t worry too much if you do forget or find yourself in need… Tuscany is renowned for its beautiful markets where you can always find affordable designer lookalikes!)

7. Travel Guide book

Tuscany is full of hidden gems and buying a guide book from the experts is always a great idea! They include maps, must-sees, prices and great information! But should you want a more personalised itinerary, ask our resort manager Luca to assist!

8. Italian phrase book

While out and about, you may come across some locals who don’t speak a common language with you and so carrying a little phrase book will help immensely!

9. Battery packs

With long days of exploration and phones being constantly used to take pictures of every moment, an external charger could save the day! Pop it in your backpack and keep the family fully charged.

10. First aid kit

You don’t want anything to stand in your way of visiting every Tuscan gem you can during your holiday! Pack a first aid kit in your suitcase and take a few essentials in your backpack for your days out, so you’re completely prepared!

At Cignella, we always want our guests to have the perfect holiday. Pack these necessities, and with our help, you’ll never forget your time in Tuscany.

See you soon!

With temperatures sizzling in the UK, you may be wondering if it is worth booking a holiday abroad this year. However a trip to Tuscany offers so much more, especially for those with a special interest or hobby.

If you enjoy a spot of yoga then there is nothing more relaxing than setting your mat down in the grounds of Cignella overlooking stunning landscapes, as you breathe in the crisp, Tuscan air to cleanse your mind and body.

Or if painting is your craft then the jaw-dropping scenery, medieval Tuscan towns and picturesque olive groves and wineries, present unrivalled locations to inspire creativity for your next artwork.

For walkers, there are many trails through the countryside offering walks for every level of fitness from steep to easy gradients, and from short walks to lengthy hikes. You can find many books showing popular routes through the region, so familiarise yourself before you head off.

If biking is your sport then you will know that Tuscany is a popular place for cycling enthusiasts to holiday. Many cycling legends have trained on the hills and slopes of the region, and you can follow in their footsteps and measure your fitness against their athletic prowess!

Anyone with an interest in gastronomy or wine will know that Tuscany is home to some of the best wine, cheese, steak and olive oils. Close to Cignella you can visit the home of fine local produce including Montepulciano, Montalcino and Pienza, to see how it is made and sample the results. And there are no shortage of excellent restaurants close to the estate where you can try delicious local dishes, just ask at reception for recommendations.


Cignella is the ideal escape to indulge your interest and leave you energised and refreshed for your return home. We are always happy to help if you need special equipment or advise on suitable locations – just email us before you leave, or check with reception on arrival.

So come and visit Cignella and create some lasting memories with us!

We hope you see you soon.


What do you think of when you hear ‘Tuscany’? Like most, you probably instantly think of Chianti – the fantastic, the indescribable, like no other, red wine famously born in the rolling hills. Or the delectable pasta dishes born and perfected only in the Italian land.

But Tuscany has so much more to offer than wine and gastronomy, (although we won’t argue that they are great) – many activities and delights that people are so blissfully unaware of.

One of Tuscany’s best-kept secrets, located roughly 2 hours from Cignella – Cala Violina. Also known as Violin Cove, gaining its name from the story of a local legend who states that walking on the sand produces the sound of a violin, is a sight that some rate as the best in Tuscany, and which holds first place in the official listings of the very best beaches in Italy.

What else, you ask?

If you like to visit touristy destinations but hate the crowds, The Bargello is for you! It is one of the oldest (and most beautiful) buildings in Florence and lacks the huge crows that The Uffizi receives- win win!

Or for the more adventurous, Siena offers a wonderful maze of tunnels and caves that stretch over 25km! There’s even a company that offers quad biking through the rolling hills.

You see, Tuscany isn’t just wine & pasta… it really is so much more!

Why not come and see for yourself?

We, at Cignella, would be honoured to welcome you. Why not join us this summer?



If you are looking for a wonderful summer holiday then look no further than Cignella Tuscany where we guarantee you SUN, SCENERY, SIGHTSEEING and pure RELAXATION for the perfect holiday!

In search of sun? Then now is the best time to visit! Sun cream, hats and sandals are the order of the day, but don’t forget to keep covered if visiting churches.

When it comes to scenery you will be spoilt for choice. Quaint hill-top towns, rolling hills and sleepy villages amaze at every turn. Siena, just a 30 minute drive from Cignella, is one of the prettiest places to visit and a climb to the top of the Torre del Mangia is a must for its breathtaking views. Some say the Chianti wine region presents the perfect picture of Tuscany. With red roofed houses adorned with bright flowers, picturesque castles, emerald green hills covered in vineyards and of course some of the best wines in the world, it is hard to compete with this little piece of magic.

The wonders of Florence draw many to the region for its stunning architecture, world famous artwork and enchanting streets scattered with historic buildings, shops and restaurants. But there are many other spectacular sights in the area, including Arezzo, just a 50 minute drive from Cignella, and San Gimignano known as the city of beautiful towers. Montepulciano, the handsome wine town, and its neighbour Pienza can’t be missed, and don’t forget Montalcino with its wine shops, restaurants and stunning abbey, Sant’Antimo.

No holiday is complete without time set aside to simply relax. Sit in the shade by our pool, relax on your terrace with a chilled glass of fine wine, or enjoy some time out at one of the many spas in the region where you can unwind in natural hot springs or indulge in a treatment.

With so many great reasons to visit Tuscany this year, and with summer just around the corner, book early to avoid disappointment. Our staff are always on hand to make sure that your time spent with us is the best it can be and we look forward to welcoming you soon!