Cignella has always prided itself on being an escape from the crowded cities – a truly transformative and immersive Tuscan experience with social distancing built in. Cignella’s secluded location lends a feeling of tranquillity and oneness with nature. We know that now more than ever guests will want to travel, leave the city behind and […]

Whether holidaying with your family, jetting off with your partner or getting away with friends, at this point in the year, everyone needs a holiday. For some, hotels are usually the first places that people turn to. But in truth, there is nothing better than a villa vacation.


All of the space that you need

Villas such as those we have at Cignella usually accommodate up to around 6 people, with multiple bedrooms and loads of living space. You have ample room to spread out, socialise, cook, sleep and relax. With a large abundance of storage space for you to unpack, it’s easy to feel at home and unwind. Our villas especially have plenty of bathrooms and shower rooms, so sharing with your family and friends is completely hassle-free.

Perfect for destressing and escaping your 9-5 schedule, the seclusion and privacy they ensure make villas the only type of accommodation that offer the pure relaxation that you couldn’t get at home.


Functioning on your own schedule

The kitchens are fully loaded with utilities, including a dishwasher, fridge, washing-machine and oven, so rustling up delicious evening meals and lunches is a breeze. You can do everything by your own time and choose exactly when and where you eat, sleep and relax. The small town of Trequanda is just a short drive away with a choice of supermarkets, so you can stock up your villa on groceries to suit everyone’s tastes.

Don’t worry if you don’t fancy cooking. There are really incredible restaurants only a short drive away that serve authentic and delicious traditional Italian food made from scratch with fresh, local ingredients. You can dine at Cignella in the morning for breakfast if you choose, and we offer packed picnics for people on request if you’re out and about for the day.

Plenty of ways to spend the day

Maybe a spa treatment at a local hot spring is just what you need, or perhaps a wine tasting tour, truffle hunting or a spot of antique shopping. The area is full of activities that you can do, and the countryside is absolutely gorgeous.

For those who prefer staying and relaxing onsite, our lovely pool (open seasonally) enjoys the perfect location, offering wonderful views of the surrounding countryside landscapes. If you simply want to sit back with a good book, we have loungers, hammocks and parasols on the pool terrace. If you would rather relax in private, our villas have gorgeous verandas or balconies to soak in sun only a step outside of your door.


We can organise trips, dinners, celebrations and more!

At Cignella we don’t simply give you the key and leave. We can help you organise any day trips, dinners, excursions, celebrations and more. If you were marking a special occasion at Cignella, then guests simply have to let us know in advance and we can help to make it a trip to remember. Perhaps you would like a private chef to cook a celebratory meal in your villa, a restaurant recommendation for a special meal, or a memorable trip such as a hot air balloon or horseback riding? We know the area and speak the language so can make it happen and take the stress away from you.


The price may also be better than you thought! Villa’s sleeping up to 6 people are available for as little as €172 per person per week, leaving you plenty of euro’s to treat yourself.

So once you have the date agreed, just check our availability, it will be easier than you think, we promise!


We look forward to welcoming you soon!

January blues? You need a holiday.

There are legitimate reasons based upon health, well-being and psychology that determine that you are need of a vacation.

Improves health

According to several studies, going on holiday improves your health and well-being. Taking a break drastically reduces your stress levels, lowering the risk of stress induced illnesses like coronary heart disease. Relaxing and putting your feet up ensures that you are taking care of your body, giving it time to unwind from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life.

Psychologists have also proved that going on holiday helps mental health, decreasing depression and anxiety. By giving your mind a chance to rest, you have less of a build up of the hormones that cause negative mental health, allowing your mind to heal from the pressures of stress.

Disconnect from your everyday life

Stepping outside of your daily-routine and off of a plane into the warmth of a holiday has huge benefits. By disconnecting from your everyday life you give yourself a well-deserved break from the pressures of your 9-5.

Not only is this good for your mental health, but it’s extremely beneficial for your productivity on your return. By taking a step back and resting, you are more likely to come back with fresh ideas and a new perspective. This increases creativity, productivity and energy, as well as decreasing the chance of burnout and a negative mind-set.

Gaining new skills and knowledge

When you go on holiday to somewhere like Cignella, you are exposed to a new culture. You take in elements of a new language and a different way of thinking and living to your own. You try new experiences and gain fresh skills, whether this be something like truffle hunting, wine tasting or cooking classes, you develop an understanding of how to do something different.

In the process, you are helping to open your mind to newer ways of viewing things, which can be extremely helpful to bring back with you.

Create new memories with your loved ones

By going on holiday and trying new things, you create new experiences for yourself, which in turn develop into wonderful memories. You have stories to tell on your return, memories to cherish and experiences to last you a lifetime.

All of these are shared with your family or loved-one. A holiday allows you to spend more time with them outside the stresses of everyday life. By enjoying the peace of a relaxing trip together and embarking on adventures, you improve your relationships and create shared experiences to look back on.


So book yourself a holiday with us at Cignella, you deserve it! Have a browse of our stunning villas here.


Searching for the perfect gift

We’re officially in December, and the time for gift-giving is getting closer and closer… but have your organised all of your gifts?

Trying to think of meaningful things to buy for your loved ones is becoming more and more difficult. There are so many choices, but still nothing seems to be quite right. You can spend hours looking, searching online and going from shop to shop. No matter where you look, you want to find the perfect gift to let people know that you appreciate them.


The gift of a getaway

This season is about spending time with those that you love, so choose a gift for you both to enjoy together. At Cignella, we believe that the best gift you can buy for a loved one is quality time away with you.

We may be biased, but our opinion is that the best location for a holiday escape is Tuscany. Offering a perfect balance of adventure and tranquillity, you have ample choices of luxurious villas or beautifully traditional Tuscan apartments all to yourself.


Why Cignella?

With this gift, you and your loved one can immerse yourselves in authentic, delicious Italian cuisine. Feel your stresses wash away as you pour yourselves some locally produced Tuscan wine and relax by the pool, enjoying the simple serenity of our gorgeous green hills. Outside of Cignella, you can go hunting for truffles, partake in a wine tasting at a vineyard or even enjoy a horse ride around our stunning region. In town you can visit picturesque markets, see some spectacular architecture, explore the cobbled streets and visit some of the loveliest cathedrals we’ve ever seen.

There really is something for everyone. It’s perfect for couples looking to getaway, for families looking to disconnect from their busy routines and for those who simply need a break from everyday life. Whether you’re looking to relax or explore, a Cignella getaway is the perfect gift for your loved ones this Christmas.

So stop scrolling online trying to find a gift that just won’t hit the mark. Choose a gift to top all gifts, choose Cignella.


Check our availability now!

The most tremendous event of the year is on the horizon and we don’t think you should miss it! From stunning horse racing to extravagant costume parades and historic, traditional ceremonies. This fantastic Sienese event only occurs twice a year and it is sure to be a day out that will be a firm, family favourite!

With festivities beginning from 8am on the 16th August 2019, it will be an outing to remember. Cignella is just a short drive from Siena, offering gorgeous scenery and views along the way! Be mesmerised by the rolling hills along the Val D’Orcia before starting your day of excitement and adventure in the piazza of Siena!

The Palio di Siena holds great heritage throughout Italy and is known as the most momentous occasion in Siena! When the tradition began hundreds of years ago, it focused on celebrating each “contrade” of Siena – the areas in which the cities were divided. Originally, there were 59, but now only 17 still remain. Each contrade parade through the piazza highlighting their colourful flags and emblems.

Over the years the contrade have become very competitive with one another! The prize for winning the race is a “Drappellone,” a large painted canvas or drape designed and created by a different artist and which the winning contrada displays in their contrada museum. It really is a truly spectacular day with trial runs starting first thing in the morning and the final race not concluding until 7pm.

At Cignella, we want to ensure you get the most from your trip to Tuscany and are able to spend from dawn to dusk exploring the beautiful region.

Join us at our estate for this fantastic occasion and receive a complimentary survival kit that will ensure you make it through all the fun festivities! Enjoy a cosy superior double room with private en-suite, access to an exclusive terrace area to enjoy your morning coffee with views, and a kit including water, sandwiches, fruit and snacks to take with you to Siena! We have lots of different packages available, view them here!

Experience a tradition that has been taking place in the heart of Tuscany since the early 1600’s. Make memories with all your family and friends and enjoy comfortable accommodation that offers plenty of privacy so that you can receive the perfect balance between exploration and relaxation for your getaway to Italy.

Should you wish to find out more about the event, read this article!

See you soon!

Escaping to the countryside should offer peace and tranquillity from the get go! Planning, organising and research on what to do can make going on a summer holiday much more stressful than it needs to be.

That’s why Cignella have put together packages to offer a single click solution!

Book your stay in Tuscany with Cignella and have your trip to the region planned from the moment you click BOOK.

Wine tasting, 3 course Tuscan style dinners, aperitifs and prosecco on arrival… what more could you want from your Tuscan retreat?

Tuscany is a stunning region to be experienced by all from family run restaurants with delicious, authentic dishes to gorgeous greenery stretching as far as the eye can see.

Booking a holiday isn’t as simple as booking accommodation and flights; what is there do? We’d like to participate in an experience, but where should we do it? Recommendations are everything and with Cignella we use our local partnerships throughout Tuscany to offer you the best experiences that offer insight into Etruscan culture and memories to reminisce for years to come.

3 course dinner at Cignella

3 course dining experience at Cignella with wine

Enjoy endless experiences during your stay at Cignella with spacious, luxury accommodation that allows you to reboot and relax after your days of adventure!

Visiting Tuscany is like entering into a world that seems to have stood still for the last 500 hundred years… interior design, traditional recipes and cobbled alleyways all point to a destination that offers tremendous insight into Italian culture.

Hence why another top reason to go to Tuscany is its history!

With seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Tuscany is jam packed with landscapes, architecture and philosophies that need to be enjoyed by all!

UNESCO sites in Tuscany:

  • Florence
  • The Square of Miracles in Pisa
  • San Gimignano
  • Siena
  • Pienza
  • Val d’Orcia
  • The Medici Villas and gardens, located outside of Florence
Stunning views of Tuscan landscape from San Gimignano

Experience stunning art from the renaissance, from the likes of Boticelli, Michelangelo or Leonardo da Vinci when visiting the beautiful city of Florence; walk along the same cobbled alleyways as the Medicis did, back in 1434, in Pienza and Montepulciano; observe a magnificent Palio, dating back to 1633, held in Piazza del Campo, in the historic centre of Siena.

Make your Tuscan trip one to remember and immerse yourself into Italian culture and visit the learning tower of Pisa, the Uffizi gallery, Palazzo Vecchio or simply, the stunning landscapes of the Val d’Orcia.

Pisa Cathedral and the Leaning Tower in a sunny day in Pisa, Italy.

Cignella, is perfectly located so that during your trip to Tuscany you can experience all of the above, and more! Enjoy the Tuscan landscape and drive through the rolling hills to enjoy these stunning locations. Enjoy spacious, villa accommodation during your escape to the stunning region.

Distances from Cignella:

Pienza – 11km

Montepulciano – 15km

Siena – 60km

San Gimignano – 93km

Florence – 122km

Pisa – 190km

Book your next stay at Cignella now so that you can count down the days until you can become an expert in Tuscan history!

We’re sure you’re all aware of this reason but we thought we’d tell you anyway! A top reason to go to Tuscany is the food! While Italian cuisine in general is known all over the world, Tuscan recipes, specialities and deserts are one of a kind.


Originating in the province of Siena, pici is a delicious thick, hand-rolled pasta that resembles a fat spaghetti! Served with meat sauces or a spicy arrabiata, this dish is a local delicacy that defines home cooked, comfort food.

Crostini Toscani

Tuscany’s most popular aperitif, crostini, will be found at any restaurant throughout the region, and for good reason! The perfect start to any meal, crostini Toscani is served on a cutting board of meats, cheeses and canapes. Also known as “Tuscan croutons,” the locals say that it is impossible to have just one!


Extremely simple, extremely delicious; Tuscan people adore their bread and adore it with olive oil. Begin your meal with a toasted slice of Tuscan bread with garlic, olive oil and a sprinkling of salt. This can be found all over Tuscany, but is a delicacy particularly in Florence.

Bistecca alla Fiorentina

Tuscan chefs are all about cooking humble dishes, with wholesome, local ingredients and Bistecca alla Fiorentina is just that; with only five ingredients, the steak, traditionally originating from Chianina cattle, is grilled over hot coals and typically served rare, but they won’t judge you (too much) if you opt for medium. A true delicacy of the region.


The Tuscan alternative to panettone, panforte is a delicious local delicacy made from dried fruits, nuts, bold spices and lots of sugar – it is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth! Traditionally, Tuscans use ingredients such as black pepper or cinnamon to season their desert, but more recently, cocoa and melted chocolate have become quite common.

These are just a select few of the dishes that Tuscany are renowned for but we hope that these tempt your taste buds! When writing your next #TuscanItinerary, make sure you include these in your must-haves!

See you soon.


At Cignella, we have 13 beautiful properties to keep our guests comfortable during their trip to Tuscany; from villas to apartments and hotel-style accommodation with continental breakfast! A stay at our estate will be exactly what you’re looking for during your Italian getaway.

But which accommodation at Cignella is for you?

Olivo, a stunning Tuscan apartment with 3 beautiful bedrooms, 3 private bathrooms and a large outdoor terrace with stunning views of the world renowned rolling hills, could definitely be the perfect spot for you and your group.

Designed to offer guests an insight into Tuscan living, Olivo has been decorated with locally sourced furniture and typical accessories and paintings. Throughout the property, you’ll enjoy light-sage walls to compliment the name of the apartment, originating from olives, warm browns and oranges emulating the Tuscan landscape and stunning, vaulted ceilings.

Each room decorated with a unique, distinct feel, Olivo offers its guest privacy, comfort and relaxation. The master bedroom, located off of the living room, equipped with a large en suite bathroom, is furnished with crisp white linen and all white furniture to compliment the beaming sunshine received through the large window. The second double bedroom of the property offers a cosier feels with dark, wooden furniture and lavender linen. Lastly, our twin bedroom, perfect for children or friends, emulates a more modern Tuscan style living with all black furnishings, neutral bed linens and a minimalistic feel.

While Olivo offers stunning bedrooms, the living space it provides its guest is a top reason it is one of the most popular properties at Cignella. Described as one of the best terraces on the estate, Olivo’s outdoor area overlooks the rolling hills of Tuscany, in which you can see Lake Trasimeno and Cortona! The living room, located centrally in the property, is the perfect spot all year round; in the colder months of winter, light the fire and nestle under the blanket. During summer, spend your evenings on the terrace and enjoy alfresco dining at its best!

And did we mention it’s only a 2 minute work to the pool… what else could you want from your holiday rental?

We know that Cignella is an ideal destination for your Tuscan retreat… book now and see if Olivo is available!

See you soon.


There are endless reasons as to why you should go to Tuscany for your next holiday! So many so that we can’t fit them all into one blog post and so this will be the first article of our series Why go to Tuscany?

Reason number 1… the beautiful cities!

Florence (1hour 30 minutes from Cignella)

Architecture, art and history are just a couple of reasons as to why this city is world renowned; experience Michelangelo, Botticelli and Da Vinci’s finest works, return to the Renaissance and shop ‘til you drop with luxury fashion brands at every corner, and boutique leather shops for all.

View over Florence skyline

Siena (45 minutes from Cignella)

While known for its peculiar urban skyline visible from miles away, Siena is one of the most beautiful towns in Italy due to its Etruscan architecture dating back to the Middle-Ages, its breath-taking Piazza del Compo at the heart of the city which hosts its yearly Palio and its delicious Sienese cuisine. Visit on a Wednesday morning and experience the biggest market in Tuscany!

Siena Square

Cortona (45 minutes from Cignella)

The famous city known for its debut in the early 2000 film “Under the Tuscan Sun” Cortona offers a wonderful alternative to the busy tourist destinations in Tuscany. There’s a reason Cortona is known as the pearl of Tuscany, it’s a real gem…

Ancient city of Cortona in Tuscany Italy

Montepulciano (20 minutes from Cignella)

Wine! Vineyards at every turn, boutique wine bars with panoramic terraces and the origin of the one and only Nobile di Montepulciano, one of the greatest Italian wines known to man.


Pienza (15 minutes from Cignella)

 Pienza, an UNESCO world heritage site located in the stunning Val D’Orcia, offers incredible views over the rolling hills, delicious pecorino cheese (with festivals every September celebrating the tasty stuff) and unique architecture at every turn – the Cattedrale dell’Assunta hosts paintings by famous Etruscan artists, an octagon bell towers and beautiful stained glass windows.

Cathedral in Pienza, Tuscany Italy

When you stay at Cignella, you can experience all of these remarkable cities with just a short drive from your villa. Surely that’s temptation enough?

See you soon for part 2 of Why go to Tuscany