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Everyday life can be so mundane, can’t it? Many of us follow the same routine, day-in, day-out and our responsibilities at home and work can be stressful and tiring. And so with everything going on, do we really make enough time for ourselves?

So many of us don’t use all our holiday entitlement and with so many health benefits to be gained, we should make time to get away. A holiday will increase your energy levels, improve your mood and often make you clearer on life goals. Research has also shown that blood pressure can drop, sleep patterns improve and our ability to cope with stress is better. And the good news continues as these benefits often last many months after we return, so those days away will make your year a healthier one.

At Cignella we provide a getaway that encourages the rest and relaxation that we so desperately need, as well as creating lasting memories that we can reflect on when we are back to everyday life.

Here in Trequanda we are surrounded by beautiful scenery that simply radiates relaxation! But not only do evenings looking over the gorgeous valleys with a glass of local wine send you into a euphoric state, a leisurely walk or hike through the surrounding area is also great for the mind and body. While exercise may not be top of our to-do list on holiday, exercise can greatly reduce stress by releasing endorphins to create feelings of happiness.

At Cignella, you can get the best of both worlds. Start the day with a cycle through the rolling hills, spend the afternoon relaxing in the sun beside the pool and end the day with a traditional Italian meal at one of our local favourites!

The staff at Cignella are always on hand to make sure your holiday is as wonderful as can be. If you would like an in-room spa treatment or help booking a wine tour or hiring a Vespa, you only need to ask as our aim is to create a holiday perfectly tailored for you.

So check the work diary and book time off. At Cignella we promise to push the stresses and strains of everyday life aside so you return home energised and recharged – ready for the months ahead.

See you soon,


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