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Visit Tuscany in Autumn Part 2: Changing Landscapes

It’s difficult to talk about Tuscany without mentioning its beauty, although the region is most famous for its landscapes during summertime. When picturing Tuscany, most of the world automatically thinks of its famous green hills, stretching on for miles under the Italian sun. Due to the popularity of visiting Tuscany during summer, few experience Tuscany […]

Visit Tuscany in Autumn Part 1: Harvest Time

Tuscany in Autumn can be described as a captivating display of smells, tastes, colours, emotions, landscapes and more. Here at Cignella, Autumn is one of our favourite times of year to experience the Val D’Orcia – particularly due to the wonders of harvest time! Harvest time in Tuscany The harvest, like in many countries, is […]

Why you should travel to Tuscany

From the picturesque views, incredible food, beautiful weather and stunning architecture, there are so many reasons why you should travel to Tuscany. But the region isn’t known for just its rolling green hills, mouth-watering dishes and luxurious villas in the sun. When you visit us, you can also choose from an entire range of activities to […]

A Secluded Summer at Cignella

Cignella has always prided itself on being an escape from the crowded cities – a truly transformative and immersive Tuscan experience with social distancing built in. Cignella’s secluded location lends a feeling of tranquillity and oneness with nature. We know that now more than ever guests will want to travel, leave the city behind and […]

The Perks of a Villa Vacation

Whether holidaying with your family, jetting off with your partner or getting away with friends, at this point in the year, everyone needs a holiday. For some, hotels are usually the first places that people turn to. But in truth, there is nothing better than a villa vacation.   All of the space that you […]

4 Reasons Why You Need a Holiday

January blues? You need a holiday. There are legitimate reasons based upon health, well-being and psychology that determine that you are need of a vacation. Improves health According to several studies, going on holiday improves your health and well-being. Taking a break drastically reduces your stress levels, lowering the risk of stress induced illnesses like […]

Looking for the best gift for your loved ones?

  Searching for the perfect gift We’re officially in December, and the time for gift-giving is getting closer and closer… but have your organised all of your gifts? Trying to think of meaningful things to buy for your loved ones is becoming more and more difficult. There are so many choices, but still nothing seems […]

It’s Palio Season!

The most tremendous event of the year is on the horizon and we don’t think you should miss it! From stunning horse racing to extravagant costume parades and historic, traditional ceremonies. This fantastic Sienese event only occurs twice a year and it is sure to be a day out that will be a firm, family […]