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Why go to Tuscany? Part 1

There are endless reasons as to why you should go to Tuscany for your next holiday! So many so that we can’t fit them all into one blog post and so this will be the first article of our series Why go to Tuscany? Reason number 1… the beautiful cities! Florence (1hour 30 minutes from […]

Why should you go on holiday?

Why do people go on holiday? A holiday is something that people crave, long for & dream about on a day to day basis. But why? According to The Travel Expert, there are 5 top reasons as to why we are so consumed by the idea of our next vacation! Time to de-stress Quality time […]

Hop on over to Tuscany, this Easter!

While it may only be February, the first few months of the year generally fly by,  and with Easter arriving any second, it is now the perfect time to get organised and start planning your next getaway. But… where to go? The world really is your oyster, but there are so many factors to consider […]

Say goodbye to the January blues

The January blues… Bitterly cold weather with a definite lack of sunshine and a withered bank balance after the festive period makes it quite understandable as to why January is considered the most hated month of the year. But rather than focusing on the now, why don’t we look forward? At Cignella, we understand the […]

How to be best gift giver, ever!

At this time of year, so many of us are concerned with making sure that we provide our loved ones with the best gift possible! But honestly… what is the best gift? We, at Cignella, think the best gift that anyone can give, is quality time… be it with your family or friends, a little […]

Escape to Tuscany this Christmas!!

Tuscany, famous for its beautiful landscapes, culture and gastronomy, can act as the perfect escape during the festive period as it offers the opportunity to unwind, shop and get in the Christmas spirit. If you’re planning a December getaway, why not read our tips as to why Tuscany should be top of your list this […]

Why should I visit Tuscany in October?

As summer is well and truly over and the crisp Autumn season is now in full swing, your next holiday must be on your mind. But where to go? October is a wonderful month to visit Tuscany; the harvest offers wonderful markets and experiences, the temperatures start to cool but still allow for alfresco dining […]

Tuscany is more than just wine…

What do you think of when you hear ‘Tuscany’? Like most, you probably instantly think of Chianti – the fantastic, the indescribable, like no other, red wine famously born in the rolling hills. Or the delectable pasta dishes born and perfected only in the Italian land. But Tuscany has so much more to offer than […]