5 reasons to holiday in Tuscany

To Travel is to Live

Bored, tired and feeling fed up? If so, it could be time to book a holiday! Going away, even for just a few days, can make such a difference to your mind as well as your body. If you still need convincing then take a look below and then check out our website and get booking!

  1. Reduce your stress levels: Boss setting you tight deadlines? In-box out of control? You know your stress levels are high and a holiday gives you the chance to forget work pressures and de-stress. Sit by the pool, read a book on the terrace, explore stunning cities and countryside, all sure ways to take your mind off work and relax.
  2. Get away from monotony: A trip away gives you a break from the daily routine. Re-energise your mind with new decisions, change the scenery, try new food and wine, and enjoy no order to your day!
  3. Get outdoors, it’s good for your mind: Holidays inevitably mean you will be outside more and not stuck indoors at a desk. Take in the fresh air, re-oxygenate your blood and let your body catch up on vitamin D production – sunscreen compulsory of course!
  4. Meet new people: Make friends from different countries, learn a few words in a new language and enjoy a warm welcome and kind Italian hospitality after all socialising is good for the soul!
  5. Put the spark back into a relationship and enjoy family time: appreciate leisure activities with your loved ones and savour meals together without interruptions – mobile phones and ipads prohibited! Rekindle that spark and go home feeling fulfilled and revitalised.

The more you travel the more new experiences you will have and the more worldly you will be! Just think about all those interesting stories you will be able to tell family and friends when you get back home.

Simply having a holiday to look forward to can put a spring in your step so why not get the organiser out and book yourself a vacation. We would love to welcome you at Cignella and get you away from your everyday routine – we promise you will feel start feeling wonderful the moment you arrive!

See you soon


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