Why you need a holiday

January blues? You need a holiday.

There are legitimate reasons based upon health, well-being and psychology that determine that you are need of a vacation.

Improves health

According to several studies, going on holiday improves your health and well-being. Taking a break drastically reduces your stress levels, lowering the risk of stress induced illnesses like coronary heart disease. Relaxing and putting your feet up ensures that you are taking care of your body, giving it time to unwind from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life.

Psychologists have also proved that going on holiday helps mental health, decreasing depression and anxiety. By giving your mind a chance to rest, you have less of a build up of the hormones that cause negative mental health, allowing your mind to heal from the pressures of stress.

Disconnect from your everyday life

Stepping outside of your daily-routine and off of a plane into the warmth of a holiday has huge benefits. By disconnecting from your everyday life you give yourself a well-deserved break from the pressures of your 9-5.

Not only is this good for your mental health, but it’s extremely beneficial for your productivity on your return. By taking a step back and resting, you are more likely to come back with fresh ideas and a new perspective. This increases creativity, productivity and energy, as well as decreasing the chance of burnout and a negative mind-set.

Gaining new skills and knowledge

When you go on holiday to somewhere like Cignella, you are exposed to a new culture. You take in elements of a new language and a different way of thinking and living to your own. You try new experiences and gain fresh skills, whether this be something like truffle hunting, wine tasting or cooking classes, you develop an understanding of how to do something different.

In the process, you are helping to open your mind to newer ways of viewing things, which can be extremely helpful to bring back with you.

Create new memories with your loved ones

By going on holiday and trying new things, you create new experiences for yourself, which in turn develop into wonderful memories. You have stories to tell on your return, memories to cherish and experiences to last you a lifetime.

All of these are shared with your family or loved-one. A holiday allows you to spend more time with them outside the stresses of everyday life. By enjoying the peace of a relaxing trip together and embarking on adventures, you improve your relationships and create shared experiences to look back on.


So book yourself a holiday with us at Cignella, you deserve it! Have a browse of our stunning villas here.

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