Tuscan Villas For Rent - Localita’ Cignella

A slower life is lived better

"The time will come when the wind will not breaks branches or leaves, or the rain will not fall so strong to break a clod. People will be free from bad luck and disasters, and will learn the art of living long."

- Nichiren Daishonin

Welcome to cignella

Cignella is the ideal place to relax and enjoy a holiday immersed in the beauty of Tuscany. Overlooking the lush Val di Chiana and a stones throw away from the world renowned Val d'Orcia, you will experience the magic of its stunning scenery.

The delicacy of its timeless wines, incomparable olive oils and unique Pecorino cheese, not to forget to mention its famous "Fiorentina" the "King of Steaks", will leave you utterly satisfied.

The Cignella Estate is perfect to enjoy a getaway, a Tuscan Culinary adventure or a Wellness retreat.

Be inspired

The unique history of the Tuscan villages, towns and its people will inspire you. Discover the flavour of tradition in every taste of delicious Tuscan cuisine and world famous wine.

Go slow, wake up your senses

Take a horseback ride through the countryside, jump on a motorbike or take a hot air balloon flight and marvel at the Crete Senesi unfolding before your eyes.

A healthy life is creative

Health is the medal of honor of the sage. Take a deep breath and enjoy our Wellness treatments. Discover methods founded on the wisdom of our forefathers. Our "Wellness Retreat" programmes will cleanse and rejuvenate your spirit.